4 Habits of Healthy Eating


Healthy eating is something that you have always had trouble with. Even when you think you have things under control you have this fear in the back of your mind that tells you that you’re not doing it right or maybe you see a new feature on the T.V that tells you that what you’re doing is wrong.

New information seems to come out every day. We’re constantly being told conflicting information that can leave you feeling like the whole idea of a healthy diet and lifestyle is just too damn difficult or confusing and so you go back to your old habits leaving behind the dreams of fitting into that swim suit this summer, or losing that last 5kg before your friend’s party.

No Quick Fix Means No End Date

Develop Habits You Can Maintain For Life

Take Control Of Your Diet and Never Look Back

The 4 Habits of Healthy Eating will have you eating the healthiest and cleanest you have ever eaten. You won’t be giving up your social life, starving yourself or eating tasteless food. In fact, I teach you the opposite, I will show why cutting your calorie intake could be the very reason you’re not losing weight.

4 Habits of Healthy Eating Cover

These habits apply to all walks of life. I have taught these to nurses and other shift workers, stay at home mums and working parents. All of who have seen great results and found out just how easy a healthy diet is. They read the information, applied the lessons and got the results they deserved.

Who am I to promise you control of your diet and get you results?

I was ignorant and naive!

I had always been an active kid, which was thanks to my parents driving me around on weekends so I could play whatever sport it was I was playing. Football, cricket, surfing, swimming, athletics it didn’t matter what time of year it was I was out doing something.

This meant I never had weight problems, I always fit and healthy.

To me it was common knowledge. I never really understood why or how people could become overweight and unhealthy. I just couldn’t get my head it around it.

When I look back, the ridiculous thing was that it even bothered me to the point where I would instantly judge people on how fit or healthy they were or their weight. I honestly just thought they were lazy.

Basically I was a MASSIVE ASSHOLE.

After university where I studied Exercise Science, I went into Personal Training. A lot of people seen this as a step backwards but it was what I always wanted to do.

A few years in I was frustrated. I just couldn’t believe some of the excuses people would give me as to why they had ended in their situation. I remember sitting there thinking, no you’re just lazy and don’t want to put in the work or that they just chose to eat junk food because they were to lazy to cook.

After university, I had put on a bit of weight during my time of partying and studying, I was still active but drinking 4 times a week which resulted in greasy unhealthy hungover meals, and playing football on the weekends with a few light training sessions was just not good enough.

I was about 10kg heavier than when I started my degree.

I was back training hard again but more importantly I pulled my diet back into order. For me it was easy, I have always known this information it was common knowledge for me. It wasn’t until I spoke to a friend one night who was struggling to keep the weight off after school and university.

Its Your Turn to Take Control


After running through what was necessary with one of them one night while we were celebrating a birthday I got message the next day which said something that brought it all to perspective and made me realise just how much of a ignorant, naive and MASSIVE ASSHOLE I had been.

The message said

“thanks heaps for telling me so much last night, I learned a lot. You always were the fit kid.”

I didn’t say anything that I had learned at university or during my time as a trainer, it was just a bunch habits I had developed throughout the course of my life that I applied everyday/week.

What I had taken for granted as common knowledge, was not common knowledge at all. Through no fault of their own I realised that these people that I had assumed were pretty lazy just didn’t have to knowledge or resources to live a healthy lifestyle. Sure they had tried the fad crash diets, different online programs and detox pills, shakes and every other way you can think of to get healthy. The effort was there, it was just the knowledge was lacking.

Who has done this?

Kath works as a nurse which means weird sleeping hours, long shifts and crazy schedules. She has always struggled with her weight, because of the crazy life of a shift worker it’s hard to develop any kind of habit or schedule.
However after reading the 4 Habits of Healthy Eating, Kath learned how simple and easy it was develop healthy eating habits. The transformation I saw was just amazing, she wen’t from struggling week to week to dominating her diet and taking back her health and fitness.
This book is fantastic… it’s straight to the point easy reading yet very informative with great direction for someone who has no idea where to start and is eager to change their eating habits sooner rather than later….. I like that it didn’t take forever to read!!! – Kath

Why You Need This

If you have ever struggled sticking with a diet. If you’re the type of person who tries something for a couple of weeks then ends up flaking away in to your old habits or jumping on the next thing you see, then you need this book. If you unsure on where to start when it comes to creating healthy eating habits, then you need this book. Even if you think your diet is “pretty good” but you know there is room for improvement, then you need this book. Lastly, if you are someone who is actually serious about wanting to change their eating habits so that you can crush your health and fitness or weight loss goals this year, then you most definitely need this book.


Now if you apply the lessons and develop your habits but don’t see a change in yourself or feel the best you have felt in years contact me within 60 Days I will give you all your money back no questions asked.


Now it’s on you, make a decision and take action on 4 simple changes that will have you eating healthy, feeling great and will give you more energy than you ever thought possible. A healthy diet is the cornerstone to any healthy lifestyle. Up until now you thought it was too difficult and it was all a bit too confusing. Let me show you just how easy this is. Click the link below fill out your details and make the healthy changes to your diet with 4 simple steps.

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